Charities continue to invest in ‘high street’ retail systems

By: Kate Williams | Posted on October 16, 2014
Lakelands Hospice is Cybertill's 100th Charity Retailer

As Cybertill signs its 100th charity retailer, Lakelands Hospice in Northamptonshire, it signals that charities continue to invest in ‘high street’ retail systems to manage their charity retail estates. Over the last five or so years retail has become an increasingly important fundraising channel for many charities, at the same time other fundraising channels have been affected by the recession. One of the reasons for charity retail’s growth is an increase in footfall through the stores. As this growth has continued many charities have looked to gain efficiencies in throughout their retail estate. Add to that many ex-retail professionals are now employed by charities to manage retail estates the approach has changed. In this flourishing market Cybertill has become the leading charity retail system. It merges its cloud based EPoS system with an automated gift system that gives charities huge benefits including: eradicating all missed gift aid sales, 100% accuracy on gift aid, stock control on donated goods, simplifies till process so volunteers simply scan barcodes and many more.

To highlight Cybertill’s growth in this sector it now has over 100 charities using its system, and it is used in around one in every three charity shops in the UK. Lakelands Hospice, in Northamptonshire, recently became Cybertill’s 100th charity retail customer, as it has chosen to install Cybertill to manage its two charity shops.

“After extensive research we thought Cybertill was the best charity retail system available. It will help streamline our retail operations and also optimise revenues,” commented Paul Marlow, Lakelands Hospice Fundraising Manager.

“Reaching a hundred charity retail customers is something of a milestone for Cybertill, and to help celebrate this feat we are donating £1,000 to Lakelands Hospice,” commented Ian Tomlinson, Cybertill founder and CEO. “It also re-emphasises Cybertill’s position as the number one charity retail system in the UK.”

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